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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang (Sole Proprietor/Owner)
Telphone: + 977-01-5542435
Fax + 977-01-4700877
MobilePhone: 9851069574
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Zip: N/A
Province/State: Kathmandu
City: Kathmandu
Address: Ekantakuna    
- The Official khukuri supplier to the British Gurkha Army since 1993
- Company owned and run by ex-Gurkha army veterans
- Nepal's first and the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of genuine khukuris since 1991
- Existence and experience over 17 years with worldwide recognition
- Made by world master craftsmen (Born Khukuri Makers) using the best quality materials in a very traditional way with conventional tools
- The widest range of varieties of khukuris from army to traditional to decorative to sacrificial to special to unique at very reasonable prices

KHUKURI HOUSE is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest Khukuris(Kukris) in Nepal established by Mr. Lalit Kumar Lama, an ex-British Gurkha. Khukuri House is the only supplier of khukuris(kukris) to the British Gurkha Units, the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police, the Gurkha Reserve unit in Brunei and the Gurkha Museum in the UK. The house also sends it's knife/knives (Khukuris/kukris) to number of shops and countless customers all over the world as well in retaining it's products in Kathmandu.

Mr. Lama's life has been inextricably tied to the Khukuri(kukri) for over 33 years,22 of which he served in the 10th PMO Gurkha Rifles of the Brigade of Gurkhas. He has virtually traveled the world with his Khukuri(kukri). Today, retired and living in Kathmandu, he runs the first ever, one and only finest Khukuri(kukri) shop in Nepal.

What makes Khukuri House so special!! The same thing which make the Khukuri(kukri) so revered; four men working a full day to craft each blade; high grade carbon steel; authenticity rather than decoration. These are the real things, not fancied souvenirs peddled by hawkers on the streets. They are honest, powerful and graceful blades, which have the pride of legendary Gurkhas for nearly 200 years and the pride of their owners since times immemorial. The house has a wide selections, ranging in style from the smallest khukuri(kukri) replica to formal soldier's to decorative to huge sacrificial knives. Khukuri House can also make tailor-made knives and engrave with artistic patterns on special order. It also deals in customary orders to suit the demand of each customer.

Khukuri House, the biggest and best company dealing in Khukuri (kukri) has 13 employees who work round the clock to meet the demands of customers. The crews are involved in many activities, minor or major, from cleaning to clearance of an order. They are designated to different job descriptions which they perform professionally with utmost sincerity and confidence. They are all young active and friendly citizens of Nepal who are committed in bringing universal recognition and respect to Khukuri(Kukri), the Khukuri House and ultimately to the Gurkhas.

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