Hong Kong World Top Canvas Co. Ltd

We main product/services:
Paitings Frame; Photo Frame; Oil Painting; Etc ;
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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Cindy Li (Sales)
Telphone: 852-23808957-1
Fax 852-23808958-1
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Address: 458 Larch Street    
Hong kong world top oil painting co. Ltd is a league formed by one hundred professional painters.
We receive the domestic and international order over a long period of time. The painters covers all kinds of genre and have super technique. Each painter has the experience over one decade and is able to accomplish the painting with his quick, accurate and beautiful way.
Our advantage is: We directly face the customers without any intermediaries so we can offer you a low price. In addition, the addition, the painters are talented and their products are of good quality. We cooperate with several international well-known logistics company such as UPS, fedex, tnt, DHL etc. And deliver goods fast. Also we can have a direct delivery to your home.
Our website just exhibits a part of samples. Customers can select our samples as well as provide your own samples. Moreover the kind and the quantity of the paintings is up to the customers to decide. It is ok if one sample one paiting. Customers also can order the characteristic product such as scan your photograph and we will make it a painting according to it.
Our guests are all over the world, especially in holland, America, England, France, Italy. The monthly products reach an amount of 2000. Friends are welcome to negotiate with us.
If you are interesting in it, pls leave message to me.