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Aluminum Alloy Casting; Large-Scale Casting Parts; Aluminum Alloy Products; Gravity Casting; Aluminum Alloy Die Casting; Cast Aluminum Alloy; Cast Aluminum; Aluminum Alloy Casting Parts ; Aluminum Alloy Machinery Parts And Components; Gravity Casting Parts;
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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Kai Chang
Telphone: 886-4-23329797
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City: Taichung City
Address: No. 28, Ln. 557, Dingtai Rd. , Wufeng Dist. ,    
Rong feng co. was established in the 55th year of the Republic of China. Rong feng is the best professional factory for the Aluminum alloy casting, Cast aluminum, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting and various molds developing field. General aluminum, aluminum alloy casting parts and marketing category widely reach various industries.

Sand Casting .the department of Sand Casting

Rong feng enterprise has the experience about sand casting for more than 40 years. OEM is our main operating property, and the range of product has contained every kind of high-quality aluminum casting parts, such as machine parts& accessories, auto-motorcycle parts, pneumatic/hydraulic parts, air-tools parts, valves, pumps, motor cases, cylinder noumenon, boat parts, building hardware and outdoor furniture. The material includes A356, AC4C, A380, AC7A. We have the manufacturing ability for large-scale aluminum casting parts.(within 2000 kilograms in weight and 5M width * 5M length)