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Main product/services:

Research; Development; Development Of Products Tailor-Made; Intelligent Camera Systems ; Business;


Contacts: Robert Skvarek (Sales Director)
Zip:615 00
country:Czech Republic
Province/State:Jihomoravsky kraj
Address:Kulkova 8   


Business Division:

- Export and Import

- Export to order: to find quality products in the Czech Republic and export brokerage

- Import: looking for quality and interesting products and distribution to markets in Czech Republic

Division of Research and Development:

Testing, measuring and analysis
Software providing, hardware and software counselling
Research and developement in biological and technical sciences
Technical consutants in the mechanical engineering, optics, electronics and electrotechnology sphere
Advertising (services) and marketing
Production, instalation and repairs of electronical devices
Teaching and training of shooting with firearms
Photographic services
Graphic and drawing work
Preparation and developement of technical plans
We also provide a wide range of specialist trainings courses (workshops) and other educational activities including lecturing
We are a construction and prototype office, we do construction plans, developement and assuring of machine prototypes production and devices for all branches of industry.
We do also developement, production and delivery of all types of technological aids and all things connected to the industrial production developement including drive concepts.
Construstion office contains CAD stations with Autodesk Inventor software, which enables 3D construction on the bases of 2D documentation and also print of the production documentation.