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Charity Home LLC

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10%; Of; Our Agent ; Help; For Any;


Contacts: Charity Home (HELP)
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country:United Arab Emirates
Address:No 12 Building Baniyas Road   


Deaf Charity Organization
55 Yusuf Baker Road Deira Dubai
Telephone: 00971422239345
Dear sir / Madam
Deaf Charity Organization is one of the leading online based charity networks in the Gulf Region. We offer a wide range of employment. We offer Full time jobs and also part time.
The organization is based on helping the needy and the less privileged. This is a charity organization which helps in raising funds for people who are less priviledged. Eg people who cant talk or cant hear.
Due to the numerous amounts of customers who are willing to be benefactress to this great cause, we receive a large amount of Checks, Money Orders, Travelers Checks, Bank Transfers and others on a daily basis. We are giving you the opportunity to work from Home and make good money in no time.
Working with us is based on no regrets and no time wasting. We do not require your full time or effort. You can make as much as you can think working for just 2 Hrs. What we require of you is to receive payment from our clients on behalf of the company.
We pay our agent based on the following percentage. 10% of any payment within $1000- $3000 5% of any payment within $10000- $50000 Monthly Salary of $358 please write us back indicating your interest and also note that payment will start getting to you within 1 business day.
Please get back to us with the following information.