Eckes-Granini Gmbh

We main product/services:
Pioneer; Gps ; Navigation;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Andrew Komara (Owner/Entrepreneur)
Telphone: 30-44568997-551
Fax 30-44568997-540
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Zip: 11855
City: Athens
Address: 21 Zukynov Str    
Eckes-Granini GmbH
We have supplied nearly every country in Europe at some point over the past few months and we also deal with companies and individuals throughout the world.
By prompt, old and verified relationships with our suppliers, we are able to provide our clients with top of the line products at exceptional prices. We are working to insure all of our clients needs are met.
In today's global business environment, we take full advantage of export & import opportunities. By responding quickly and effectively to emerging challenges and opportunities we aim above the crowd.
Everyone is welcome to buy from us, regardless of who you are and what nation you are from, we will have the products shipped to you.
For more information please feel free to contact us! We will be more then happy to answer you!