We main product/services:
Gsm Based Project ; Call Center Automation; Personal Gps Tracking System;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. ibrahim ozkasap (Director/CEO/General Manager)
Telphone: 90-232-3471015
Fax 90-232-3478067
MobilePhone: 905532752003
Web Site:
Zip: 35030
Province/State: Turkey
City: Izmir
Address: Ankara CAD. No. 97 K. 5 Bornova    
Tagem is mainly focused on technologic innovation and it acts in sectors as electronics r&d and designing, software, service. Tagem produces new products by sharing information and products with the other technology producers in the whole the world. Tagem presents its products to the market with the value added services. Some of the r&d activities are video transmission technologies (digital signal processing, photogrammetry etc.. ) communication technologies (gsm, rf, telecommunication, applications, ivr systems etc.. ) and software technologies (softwares for hardware that developped by tagem; internet application, special softwares, its own database and operating systems etc.. ).

Tagem products are used by public companies, security organisation, army forces and holding companies.

Tagem sets up company operations by widespreading, high action ability and supporting the company's progress. The aim of tagem operations is to be the help to turkey and her consumers with the philosophy of right product, right time, right place, released dependence by producing right service. For this target, tagem constructed her organization focused on r&d, producing and consumer.