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Inosat Pet Locator; Inosat Child Locator; Inofleet Global ;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Jorge Manuel Do Patrocinio Neves Carrilho (CEO)
Telphone: 351-21-4342413
Fax 351-21-4342419
MobilePhone: 351 96 1521521
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Zip: 2730-055
Province/State: Barcarena
City: Oeiras
Address: Rua Consiglieri Pedroso    
Established in 2000, Inosat is an innovative company specialized in developing, producing and delivering solutions for Automatic Vehicle Location and Telematic Fleet Management. (see InoFleet Global product for more information) .
It is the market leader in Spain and Portugal with over 1. 500 customers, which have more than 30. 000 vehicle units installed. Inosat recently launched a new product line aimed at the consumer market which includes two innovative GPS location devices: INOSAT CHILD LOCATOR and INOSAT PET LOCATOR.
Both products are technically superior to their competitors and have the added advantage of not requiring monthly fees to be operated.
The Inosat Child Locator is an advanced GPS Child Locator that allows you to locate your child, bringing him home safely. Our small, lightweight, water-resistant locator offers up to 30 days autonomy. It is a simple, small, discrete and user-friendly system. It is the only wearable system in the world, fitting any type of clothes or object that can operate for 30 days with a single battery charge.
The Inosat Pet Locator is an advanced GPS Pet Locator that allows you to find your pet when he runs away or is stolen. It is small, lightweight, water and shock-resistant locator that can be fit comfortably to your pets neck.
Inosat developed a unique technology that offers up to 30 days battery life, being the only system in the world using solar energy.