Astool Radiators Factory LLC.

We main product/services:
Brass Sheets; Clutch Pads; Soft Lining Etc. ; Brake Pads; Pressure Caps; Clutch Plates; Brake Sheets; Radiator Components; Radiators; Brake Linings;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Ms. Heena Abraham (Finance Manager)
Telphone: 971-6-5346962
Fax 971-6-5346119
MobilePhone: 971 50 7693177
Web Site:,
Zip: 40309
Province/State: U.A.E.
Address: Industrial Area No. 10    
We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the most respected Product and service providers in the U. A. E (United Arab Emirates) automobile Industry.
We are manufacturers of Radiator Cores (Brass / Copper) and we have a list Of satisfied customers across South East Asia, Middle East & Europe.
Our factory is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Industrial Area No. 10.
We also trade and service all types of radiators, radiator components, Pressure caps, solders, brass sheets, gaskets, brake linings, brake pads, Winch materials, brake sheets, clutch plates, clutch pads, soft lining, Friction materials etc.
Should you have any requirements, kindly let us know at the earliest so we Can provide you competitive prices. If you require specific radiators, please Send us a sample / drawings of the same.
We also trade in Aluminium / Plastic Radiators and have our brand of AAA Brake-linings Located in the vicinity of Dubai's business hub in the UAE, we have branchesIn the United Arab Emirates as well as a business office in Africa, Nairobi.
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