Wuxing Beststrap Fiber Belt Factory

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Tool; Cord Strap; Buckles ;
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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Zolly Lin (Sales Manager)
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MobilePhone: 13735103908
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Zip: 313000
Province/State: Zhejiang
City: HuZhou
Address: 1 buildings1877 East Lake Road.Huzhou City, Zhejiang, P.R.C.    
Our factory is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Our factory is one of the earliest and professional transport safety strap (cord-strap) manufacturers. Our factory was founded in 2009 in China. We locate manufactory in China, the most active area for production. We hope that we can give our customers the most efficient and comprehensive packaging services. That is why we always believe in the layout of the decision outcome.

With the rapid development of domestic and overseas logistics industry and more importance people attach to the safety of goods, the BEST brand transportation security cord-strap series, as the necessary packaging materials, are widely used in chemical, machinery, medical, agricultural and other industries. We are committed to solving the problems of logistics package to stimulate the flow of commerce on the large scale and regional flow. Customer Satisfaction is the eternal creed that our never change.

In recent years, as our factory continuing development and expansion, advanced production technology from Japan was introduced to our factory. With the increasing investment in constant mechanical instruments and other hardware facilities, we produce products from initial simple varieties to more complete series. Through the technology innovation, our series include 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. Our products are exported to Japan, Korea, Germany, India and so on. Our factory has established cooperative and long-term strategic partnerships with many international companies. In the future development process, we will always regard customer satisfaction as our goal. We really hope in the near future, we'll develop into the leader in the field with safety transportation packaging experts.