We main product/services:
Acai Juice ; Packaging; Dry Powder; Wet Acai Berry;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. yolafarmers group (supplier)
Telphone: 237-237-75937777
Fax 237-237-75937777
MobilePhone: 75937777
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Zip: 237
Province/State: S. W Region
City: Bota
Address: yola    
Yola acai farmers group is located in a small town some 50 kilometer from Bota City in the S.W Region and habours a population of about 1000 inhabitant. here in Yola we own an acai plan made up of a plantation, a packaging store and a warehouse in which several kgs of block acai berry and juice can be packed. we aim at supplying the best to our customers and to gain a large portion of the worlds demand for acai products.