Harbin Senheng Wooden Products Factory

We main product/services:
Toothpicks ; French Fry Forks; Skewers; Wooden Coffee Stirrers; Parasol Picks;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Kevin Wan (Manager)
Telphone: 86-451-86535388,13796074015
Fax 86-451-86568388
Web Site: www.china-senheng.com,
Province/State: Heilongjiang
City: Harbin
Address: Wuyi Village, HongQiManZu Township,NanGang District, Harbin,China    
Harbin Senheng Wooden Products Factory was set up in the Northeast Forest Zone of Heilongjiang Province. There is a large area of wild and high quality birch forest. Birch wood is our abundant and high quality raw material.

We are a leader in the industry for our production and distribution of wood disposable products, such as wooden toothpicks, skewers, coffee stirrers, Sandwich picks, wooden cutlery, Ice cream sticks, tongue depressors, French fry forks, cocktail picks, cloth pegs, etc. The growing Senheng products are now available in Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Greece, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Latin America, and so on.

Senheng employs over 200 people in our general factory and another two branch factories. Our general factory supplies raw materials to the other two branch factories to produce separately, and they send finished products to the general factory for checking and packing. Through our efforts, we can produce 10x40' of toothpicks with different packing, 10x20 feet containers of wooden skewers and 2x20'containers of the other kinds of products every month.

We have been producing wooden disposable products for many years and have a good reputation as a leading supplier of specialist products. Having been engaged in export business since 1998, Senheng guarantees consistent top-quality service that meets most clients' requirements.

We welcome inquiries and business cooperation from overseas buyers who are interested in our products. We sincerely hope to be your good friend and business partner.