HCC ( Specialty Products ) Limited Liability Corporation

We main product/services:
Applaince; Books; Construction Products ; Tools; Hardware;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. harold c christian (presidents ,inventor, r&d head)
Telphone: 1-434-846-7230
Fax 1
Web Site: www.asianproducts.com/company/A12787726776542556/hcc-specialty.html,
Zip: 66061
Province/State: Kansas
City: olathe
Address: 1053 fairwood lane Temp address for start up paper work to get registration so I could get a taxs I. D to start to selling my products make money for setup and to fund the start up of this company without haven to borrow money    
HCC (Specialty Products) LLC it a consumer products manufacturing corporation, HCC it the initial of the owners and (specialty products) this company will be doing the specialty stuck the product that other have on the shelve known in they can make a lot of money off if they could find a way to do them as these are the product not one less can do until now, LLC it a limited liability corporation it will have insurance for it customer, that it if you hurt but any of the product make by this company their insurance to cover you injured just have to prove to the insurance company that you were injures by us and they have set feed for injures, like most in insurance company lose a hand or a foot there are set amount they pay if this company injures you in any way with it products, and you will not be dealing with this company if you set for injures you will be dealing with a insurances company instead but if your injures it legistament they insurance to take care you and your need The new technology need to make these products available to you was developed by the owner and inventor of this corporation this company does not can nor will not deviate from standard business practice the address here it a Temp address for startup paper work to get registration so I could get a taxs I.D to start to selling my products make money for setup and to fund the startup of this company without haven to borrow money, and your order alone prove I was right get your order in give me a chance to get this done in spite of them what getting tooling done and thinks running down an assembly line and ship to you in spite of them compare this this other stuck Ive done and done for getting this will be getting done over where you are somewhere, it just be here long enough to arrange getting over their This all it according to the standard business practice also as it was done also by Westinghouse, Ford, Preston trucker, add a lot other Engineer and designer like Westinghouse, Tucker who with a simple add like I putting out got enough order in the bank too set up and build cars before being illegal stop, starting for out from working at home in their office and garage grown it company into large successful company out here in the work every engineer or drafting dream in starting at career in engineering and has been it mine also And I think god and you for the opportunity to do this here and serve you But you know as well as I done in my profession and other thinks here the company that represent unlimited wealth and all, but that will be regarded other place the places we end up here All I will remember and the world will it how my wife and my struggle to stay together and the horrible struggle to escape the salary here and you know as well as I do if this where a white inventor here they line all these people in these homeless center up and the people running and shoot them