Al Wafa Lebanon

We main product/services:
Salt ; Hair Color Products; Liquid Hand Soap; Shampoo; Hand Sanitizer;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Trading Company
Contact: Mr. Naji Merhaby (Owner/Entrepreneur)
Telphone: 961-3-864160
Fax 961-6-442382
Web Site: ,
City: Tripoli
Address: Tawjih    
Our company is a trading company established in Lebanon. We export and import beauty products for hair, salt, hand liquid soap, hand sanitizer, etc. . . . Our work is mainly focused in the Lebanese and partly in the Syrian markets. We are ready to export our products for companies in other countries. We are also willing to consider importing beauty and food products to Lebanon. Worth to mention is that the quality of our product is a good one. We deal with different brand of products, one of them is waves. We pack salt under our company name: Al Wafa, but we also pack salt for other companies under their own names.