We main product/services:
Used Rails; Hms 1 2; Steel Wire; Scrap Metal; Scrap Batteries ;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Ivan Egorov
Telphone: 7-495-9782432
Fax 7-495-9782432
MobilePhone: 74959712214
Web Site: www.jscrussmetal.ru,
Zip: 109507
Province/State: Moscow, Russian Federation
City: Moscow
Address: Bolshoy Kiselniy per. house 4.    
The group Of JSC"Russmetal" is formed on the base JOINT STOCK COMPANY Of
JSC''Russmetal (Komsomolsk-on- Amur) - the only Electrometallurgical plant
company in East Russia of steelmaking with the subsequent
repartition into rolled and sheet bar stock. Plant has steel smelting
power in a volume of 2,1 million tons of steel per year. Our company
produced steel for the reinforcement of ferroconcrete constructions,
rental of angular, round, wire, rolled wire, sheet and thick-leaved
rental, enclosures the road metallic of the barrier type, pipe steel electric
welding, water-gas conducting, dummy quality
and slab.
Besides electrometallurgical plant, into the group Of JSC"Russmetall"
Came out of several enterprises, service industry, enterprises, which
achieve assembly and processing is broke ferrous metals on its own 75
areas from Irkutsk to Vladivostok, and also the network of metal-bases
on the retail trade in metal production.