Tonga Supertronic

We main product/services:
Fish; Sea Food; Sandlewood; Services/Broker ;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Trading Company
Contact: Mr. Tausinga Taumoefolau
Telphone: 676-775-9482
Web Site:
Zip: N/A
Province/State: Tonga
City: Nuku'alofa
Address: P. O. Box 171    
We are the best of the Pacific in Exporting and Importing. We export Red sandalwood and sea food such as Red snappers and Tuna from the island of Tonga. We also import merchandise such as food items and so forth from NZ, US, China, and overseas to the island of Tonga. We also stand as a broker for any businesses of any deal. We conduct Research and development in Tonga for other nations. We do investigative services in the Pacific for any nations. We do international relations job, including any type of jobs. Nothing impossible to us.