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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Nicola TIERI
Telphone: 39-0382 -302952
Web Site: www.tenutazimarino.com,
Zip: 66054
Province/State: Chieti
City: Vasto
Address: Via Torre Sinello-C. da Zimarino    
Our EVOO are lavish, extra virgin, used by a great number of famous Michelin-starred chef and Gault-Millau's, and by some of the best and most prestigious hotels in the world!

Zimarino Estate Masseria Don Vincenzo is located in the extreme south of Abruzzo in an ecosystem where the orographic position and the nature of the terrain offer an ideal environment for olive growing. The close presence of the woods creates a micro-climate in the olive groves making phytosanitary treatments of the plants unnecessary; therefore it is only natural to practice organic farming techniques in view of the absence of pathogenic agents and parasites, resulting in the production of a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.
The adopted soil and water management cultivation technique is the planting of the Mars variety broad bean with a subsequent planting of grass. This legume works fairly well in organic farming as it is characterised by a rapid and abundant biomass production of which there can be made an excellent cultivation of green manure. Moreover, it creates an elevated competition with pest infestations in its first development phases while subsequently making important nitrogen contributions to the soil.
The olive grove extends over a surface area of 4.07.05 hectares and is prevalently cultivated in the varieties of Chieti Gentile, Leccino, Moraiolo, Chieti Nebbio and in small percentages also with the coltivars of Ascolana tender and Pendolino. Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo, is a farm that for years has followed the more 'modern integrated pest management technologies.
Everything 'has raised the level of biological balance of the land and is now being converted to organic farming principles in accordance with EC Regulation 834/07.
There is indeed found soil contamination everything 'has raised the level of biological balance of the land.
All stages of organic production are controlled by the certifying CCPB Bologna .
The olive groves have an eastern exposition, therefore with a better solar ray exposure, united with the experience of cultivation that attends daily to the needs of each single cultivar and of the operations of harvesting and pressing carried down over the generations, which allow the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The particular geo-morphological characteristics of the terrain and the environment that surrounds it along with the hot Mediterranean sun create that special microclimate that confers upon the fruit the ideal maturation for the production of an oil of the highest quality of nutrition.
It is in our philosophy of cultivation at the Zimarino Estate Masseria Don Vincenzo to offer a product that is absolutely genuine and natural: Our oil is obtained exclusively by the cold pressing of olives produced from our 1005 plants, located entirely in the Contrada