We main product/services:
Meat Turkey; Salads ;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Vladimir Spirt (FlaxibleSolutions)
Telphone: 972-52-5080099
Fax 972-4-6902562
MobilePhone: 972524721792
Web Site: isra-estate.com,
Zip: 11016
Province/State: Galil-Haalion
City: Kiryat-Shemona
Address: 19 Hayarden st. p. o. box 694    
We are called flexible solutions because we provide flexible solutions for the Investment needs of our distinguished clients.
We are based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and branch of our company in Israel. We specialize in Investments in Germany ahd Israel.
Should our distinguished clientele wish to invest outside of Germany we can help them through our international contacts. One of our strategic advantages is that we have experience in the German property market in the third generation.
We also possess 24 years in investing in the financial markets (references available at request) .
At request we also supply complimentary business services, company formation, et. no legal advice.
Our company, also represents the Israeli market of meat and vegetable production, and offers wholesale prices of products Israeli large-known companies.