Leon da Gusto S.L.

We main product/services:
Lomo; Chorizo; Botillo; Serrano Ham; Cecina; Honey; Wines; Chestnuts ; Chesse;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
Contact: Mr. Agustin Iglesias
Telphone: 34-987-243649
Web Site: www.leondagusto.es,
Zip: 24001
Province/State: Leon
City: Leon
Address: Ordono II 6    
Welcome to the paradise for taste. Our high quality, homemade products will lead you to a whole new world of sensations.
We are a 100% Leon company, created by a group of entrepreneurs who are proud of their land. This is the reason why we are promoting the unknown wonders of this province.
Our homeland, Leon, located in the Northwest of Spain, is a crossroads which has been known for its good food since Antiquity.
We suffer from a healthy dry cold weather which determines our rich and energetic diet. This may be the secret for which Leon has the highest life expectancy rate in Spain. Thanks to our climate -ideal for curing meat products - we obtain high quality embutidos.
Native as we are from Leon and as Spaniards, we intend to bring our typical foodstuffs across our frontiers, especially embutidos from Leon and more specifically a unique product: Cecina from Leon, with Guarantee of Origin and Quality.
Awaiting your visit , we invite you to discover the delicacies of Leon.