Interfloat Corp.

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Pattern Glass ; Solar Glass; Low Iron Glass;
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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Ms. Mrs. Walch
Telphone: 423-373-4411
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Zip: 9493
City: Mauren
Address: Fuerst-Franz-Josef Str. 19    
Interfloat Corporation has been a supplier of the European solar industry since 1982. Delivery reliability, superior glass quality as well as the continuous improvement of our products is the hallmark of the company. As the first European importer of solar glass from the USA, Interfloat invested in the research and development of innovative solar glass. Among the most important issues are coating technology and novel structures. Interfloat Corporation has now evolved from a long-term trading partner for the solar industry to a producer and reliable investor in Brandenburg. A highly modern production facility for solar glass has been created on the site of a former television screen factory in Tschernitz/Niederlausitz. GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH took up production in 2008. The functions of giving advice, sales and after sales service for GMBs solar glass products are exclusively carried out by Interfloat.

GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of Interfloat Corporation. GMB produces high quality low iron solar glass exclusively for Interfloat 365 days a year. In contrast to existing production facilities, all the machinery at the factory has been specifically designed and constructed to fulfil this purpose. In contrast the procedure of batch manufacture (the alternate production of 'ordinary' ferrous glass followed by solar glass and vice-versa), the high performance of the product can be guaranteed by GMB with 100 % assurance. The purity of the glass, as the basis for the minimal absorption of damaging substances such as iron oxide is constant at all times.