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We main product/services:
Tequila; Construction Material; Regional Fruits And Ornamental Plants ; Mexican Crafts; Mexican Candy;
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Year Established:
Businss Type: Trading Company
Contact: Mr. salomon tarangov (trade, broker)
Telphone: 52-777-3313261
Fax 52-777-3313261
MobilePhone: 00527771429253
Web Site: www.neocantera.com,
Zip: 62550
Province/State: Morelos
City: Cuernavaca
Address: Begonia 41 Condominio Residencial Sumiya    
We are a private share holding company established in March 2005 by Salomon Tarangov Abushakra, work with Chamber of Commerce (class A+).

We have conducted trading activities in a number of disciplines, and have been particularly activites

Exclusive dealer of Neocantera

It's a processed natural limestone board, light in weight and with all the advantages of natural stone. It can be installed the same way
as gypsum boards and cement boards.

Its measures are 4 ft wide X 8 ft tall X 5/8 width and weights 3 pounds per square foot.

The main advantages of NEOCANTERA BOARD are:

- Natural limestone.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Resistant to UV rays (does not change color).
- Resistant to the acid rain, resists the action of acids.
- Extreme lightness. Up to 70 % lighter than natural stone plates (light board).
- Resistant to high temperatures and it's not flammable (fireproof).
- Excellent acoustic insulation used with fiber glass.

- Better thermal efficiency (Energy Saving)
- Does not allow the formation of saltpeter.
- It keeps away the termites.
- Dimensionally stable.

- Easy installation.
- Asbesto free.

- Resistance to the high impact.
- Low moisture absorption.
- High resistance to wind pressure
- Minimum maintenance.


- It can be set on the insulating limestone wall

- A wall can be made using the same constructive system (light steel framing, wood structure) of the
prefabricated cement boards, replacing these.

- It can be set on walls of block, brick, stone (any kind of wall), gypsum board, cement, timber, polystyrene, metal, glass, plastics, polyethylene, and ceramic tiles and on any rigid material no matter whether it's heavy or light. It can be fixed easily with screws and/or adhesives.