We main product/services:
Oil Deals; Recycled Oil; Sae 50 ; Sae 40; Lubricants;
Company Profile
Year Established:
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mr. Michael Trinidad (Director)
Telphone: 00350-540-30819
Fax 350-54666-000
MobilePhone: 0034699161001
Web Site:,
Zip: Gb11zz
City: Gibraltar
Address: Deals tower road    
Our clients are very pleased with our products
SAE 20w 40 Any API
SAE 20w 50
SAE 40
SAE 50
We offer them what they need, especially nowadays with the present world market situation. What we offer is a 5 star product at 3 star prices, that is what makes us so popular with our clients. As a company our main objective is keep prices down and blend high quality lubricant oil which meets SAE and API requirements.